• understated elegance

    These two words described the way this couple wanted their wedding day to feel and look..... and the bride loves "panda anenome" - just what you're thinking a black & white flower.  As a florist you can never promise a specific flower will be available because of the unpredicability of nature. You can have an idea but no guarantees. It just so happen that week we received most beautiful anenomes of the season!

    These photos by the uber talented Blush Wedding Photography took my breath away! Captured at the most beautiful winery with amazing views Painted Rock Estate Winery. A big thank you to Taryn & Mike and congrats!!!!

    vendors for this wedding include:

    Blush Wedding Photography

    Painted Rock Estate Winery

    Dream Big Event Management

    Vintage Origami

    Jenny Mckinney Makeup Artist

    Stella Wolfe

    Ginger Creative

    Kismet Creative Wedding Films

    Paper & Poste

    Taste of Brodo

    Westminister Party Rentals

    Alex Bird Music

  • until next year

    spring, summer, fall and now almost winter...  it's been an amazing season of - weddings, meeting so many beautiful people and being a part of their celebrations - fabulous staff that is so creative and hardworking - collaborating with so many talented vendors - a renovated studio to work in - a garden that makes my heart sing. this past week the frost came and the garden has bloomed it's last flower and I can't wait till next year to do it all again!!  until then I have these beautiful photos by Jenna Hill Photography 

  • new beginnings

    Sometimes I think about the importance of flowers in the big scheme of life - do they really make a difference compared to the relationships I nurture or to how I give back to this world we live in?  I love nature and designing with flowers, just how important are they?  Then a beautiful bride to be, Naomi, asks me to prepare her wedding florals.  We meet to discuss the details for her ceremony and reception and then her bridal bouquet.  A bouquet containing white garden roses, white peonies, a hint of blush spray roses and soft sage greens.  And then she tells me she would like her bouquet to be wrapped in the ribbon her mom had on her bouquet.  The ribbon that had been saved for many years to be passed on to her daughter - what a beautiful sentiment.  Or more like a way for her mom's spirit to be there for her daughter's wedding day. Naomi's mom passed away when she was a young girl and now the hands of her mother that touched this ribbon wrapped around beautiful flowers is being held by her daughter.  And I am struck with incredible certainty the importance of flowers and I am reminded that they matter and make a difference!  Congratulations Naomi & Lucas on starting your lives together!

    photos by barnett photography

  • katherine

    one of my all time favorite childhood memories is visiting my grandma katherine out in the country and her huge garden. she grew apples, every thinkable vegetable, berries and lots and lots of flowers.  the garden was her "happy place" and she spent hours and hours there.  when it was rasberry season the moment i would get out of my parents car she was handing me a bowl telling me to fill it with rasberry and bring it to the kitchen when i was done.  her kitchen was small and had the best chair/stool tucked into one corner  - the one with the steps that folded out providing a place to sit no matter how small or big i was (one that i now have in my studio).  i would bring my bowl full of rasberry to her, sit on the stool while she sprinkled them with sugar and poured fresh cream (from the local farmer) on top - with a little grin on her face she passed the bowl back to me.  i feel so fortunate to have these memories of my grandma and her garden and i think about her often.  she inspired me to write this post today - thank you katherine!!

    ( chair just like grandma's in my rasberry patch )

    ( all florals and greens from a new leaf gardens )

  • flower power

    No doubt I love flowers... they have always had a "power" over me.  And when I saw the amazing photos by gucio photography from a wedding I did last fall it was evident that flower power is alive and doing well.

    who could blame her - the smell of garden roses are amazing!!

    "If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, its your world for a moment."   -Georgia O'Keefe 

  • inspired

    I was so fortunate to spend last weekend with a group of beautiful women on a 100 year old farm learning about flower farming and floral design.  Two of the craziest talented and super genuine people put on the workshop - Erin Brenzakein and Amy Merrick.  My head is still spinning from all the beauty and inspiration - not sure when it will stop (hopefully never).

    Cutting flowers at Erin's farm                                                                                                                    
    Amy working her magic.
    cafe au lait dahlia's from Erin's green house - unbelievable size!
    putting what I learned into practice                                                                                                                   
    together we adorned the barn with fresh cut branches, flowers, table linens, candles.... and shared a beautiful meal prepared by annie parker - truly magical!                                                                                     
  • first day of summer

    It has been raining these last couple of days and this morning the sun is trying to shine for the first day of summer.  With my clips and a pail of water I collect some of my favorites from the garden... astible, tea and old fashioned roses, poppy pods, verbascum southern charm, fern, dusty millar blooms and leaves.   In the studio cupboard I found the victorian silver container my daughter picked up at the Vancouver Flea Market and that (besides the flowers) was my inspiration.

    The last page of a old hand sewed Webster's Dictionary is titled "Language of the Flowers".  I found this dictionary at a yard sale and refer to it often for a perspective on the romantic era of the last century.  And from it today I read  "A cluster of flowers can be made to express any sentiment if care is taken in the selection."  Well, I did take care in the selection - what is the sentiment?

    Maybe the sentiment is... summer is here!